Pet Care Service

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We can look after your pet

At Orange Tree Private Care, we can offer the elderly either staying with us or in the community a Pet Care Service to help look after their pets.

If you’re staying with us long term then you may bring your pet with you as well but you will also need to have Pet Insurance. Included in the price we will help look after your pet with walking and feeding.

We can visit the elderly in the community and help to walk their pets, feed them, take them to the vets or do pet sitting if their owner is ill or in hospital.

Unfortunately we have to charge at the moment for these Pet Care Services plus fuel but we are hoping that some of the proceeds from our book can be used for some of these visits for free.

We can also help pets find new homes if the elderly person really cannot keep them anymore or some people want a pet to keep them company so we can also assist with that.

If you know anyone that would like or need this Pet Care Service then get in touch with us and we will see what we can do, although we cannot promise we will do the visit for free and these services are only available in Leicestershire at the moment.

Pet Care Service at Orange Tree Private Care

Find out more about staying Long Term by visiting our Residential Care page.

If you would like more information about our Pet Care Service then please contact us either by phone on 07515 738700
or Contact us using our Contact form. After all we are the cheapest!