Day Care

A Charity specialising in Day Care, Holiday Care, Appointments, Activities, Short Term Care and Long Term Care for Children, the Elderly with or without Dementia and their Pets

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Day Care at Orange Tree Private Care

Day Care can be any hours to suit your family or working life. We aim to work with clients who want to care for their relatives but need to work during the day or evening etc so we can provide care around your hours.

So if you don’t finish work until 6pm or 8 pm it’s not a problem or if you need to work weekends. We specialise in dementia care but we can look after any elderly people or clients with dementia.

We do lots of activities to suit their needs and our music, singing & dancing prove very popular and with our vintage tea days clients can dress up, we have vintage tea sets and vintage music and singing.

Also we have lots of pet care activities you can join in with if you wish. We also do cookery, food preparation, any general domestic tasks you wish to join in with and gardening.

Day Care at Orange Tree Private Care
Animal Teapot Set at Orange Tree Private Care

Animal Teapot Set

We want to build a proper allotment at a later stage and green houses to be more self sufficient so you can help with this if you wish. We also watch movies with popcorn, go on day trips and outings if you wish.

Some activities you might need to pay towards some equipment etc. We also do arts, crafts and we have our fake animals to have interaction with if you wish. We try to make your time enjoyable with us as much as possible and find activities you enjoy doing.

We charge £8 per hour for Day Care, weekends are £10 per hour. With lots of local day centres closing we are a great alternative. Just fill out the form on our website and we can answer any enquiries.

Please help this good cause and Donate what you can.

If you would like more information about our Day Care then please contact us either by phone on 07515 738700
or Contact us using our Contact form. After all we are the cheapest!