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A Charity specialising in Day Care, Holiday Care, Appointments, Activities, Short Term Care and Long Term Care for Children, the Elderly with or without Dementia and their Pets

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Community Visits in Leicestershire

We can provide community visits to the elderly people in Leicestershire and provide a snack, collect an item they need, donate an item they need, help to clean or shop, and have a cuppa, chat and help with their real pets.

We can also visit with our fake moving animals that look realistic for fun and we can sometimes donate a fake animal to them if we get enough proceeds from our book ‘Getting Old’ and donations.

We aim to do as many free visits in Leicestershire as possible in the late afternoons/evenings from our donations and proceeds from our book. After nurses, carers etc have left to provide company for lonely old people and to brighten their day.

At the moment the services are only available in Leicestershire so fill out the form with as much information as possible if you know someone who would love a visit.

Community Visits for the Elderly
Bob and Darkie

We can help to pet sit, walk your dog, feed your pets also and take them to the vets. We cannot promise our visit will be free but we will do our best to visit for free from the proceeds of our book and any donations we get and we like to keep the people updated where their donations are going so we might write a little about our visits and donations but keeping things confidential unless you would like a photo to show our donators where their help has gone.

Obviously we need your permission for a photograph but it’s not necessary. Once you have submitted a form for a free visit we will contact you and let you know if it’s possible or not and what we can do.

We cannot provide any personal care at all and also we cannot help people to move around etc the visits are just to help with domestic tasks and to brighten your day so more of a social visit.

Please help this good cause and Donate what you can.

If you would like more information about our Community Visits then please contact us either by phone on 07515 738700
or Contact us using our Contact form. After all we are the cheapest!