Rupertbear Therapy Dog

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Rupertbear is our Therapy Dog and he’s an Old English Sheepdog.

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** Important Announcement **
Rupertbear has gone over the rainbow

Rupertbear Therapy Dog

Rupertbear Therapy Dog

It is so sad that we have to announce that poor Rupertbear had dementia in the last few months and it deteriorated quickly and he started to fall over whilst walking plus he had heart problems. He peacefully fell to sleep at his local vets who were amazing with me and Corrine and her daughter were with him until the end.

Rupertbear was 12 years old and did extremely well right until the last few days and he provided much love and joy and helped so many people with their problems. Rupertbear will be deeply missed as he was loved by Corrine and her family very much.

Corrine is thinking about writing a book dedicated to Rupertbear’s work he did and all about his life as a heartfelt momentum to life as he did such a lot of interesting work. He was very comical too. Corrine didn’t promote his modelling career the last few weeks as she wanted to give him the best relaxing, playful, and little short walks which he enjoyed so much in the last few weeks of his life.

Rupertbear wanted to spend as much time as possible with his close family and friends towards the end. We are keeping his pages open as a heartfelt moments of his life and work although we have not posted photos of the people he helped to protect their identity in difficult circumstances.

Rupertbear Therapy Dog

We would like to thank all his followers on his pages on Instagram and twitter.

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