About Orange Tree Private Care

A Charity specialising in Day Care, Holiday Care, Appointments, Activities, Short Term Care and Long Term Care for Children, the Elderly with or without Dementia and their Pets

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A private care home with a difference

Hi my name is Corrine and I have been in the care sector for over 20 years helping children, elderly and adults with learning disabilities and I have seen how pets can help people in times of need and lift their spirits and keep them company.

My youngest daughter Becky always loved animals and for Christmas and birthdays had Furreal animals that look realistic and move and make sounds like real animals. We had a few of these Furreal animals around the house and when we looked after people especially the older adults with learning disabilities they would hold and play with them.

We had kept them over the years and I found it really helped them particularly with one elderly lady I cared for that used to pull her hair and skin. These animals and our dog Rupert and cats became a need in her daily life.

So I decided to set up my own private care home for the elderly and their pets and visiting elderly in the community with fake and real animals and it’s working really well and very popular.

Therapy Animals

At Orange Tree Private Care we have real therapy animals, my own dog called Rupert Bear an Old English Sheepdog, 2 cats and a large collection of fake animals from dogs, cats, pandas, chimps, elephants, chip monks etc they are fabulous and do their job.

We also like to donate some of the fake animals to the elderly in other care homes or especially the community if they live alone and many look forward to our visits.

Themed Rooms

Our rooms at Orange Tree private Care for elderly and their pets are animal themed. We have a jungle lounge with lots of fake jungle animals, we have a leopard room full of fake cats and leopards and a woodland animal room with fake foxes and rabbits in ! I think Gary Lineker secretly liked the foxes 🦊 theme as he originally came from Leicester and played football at Leicester City Football Club as a fox is their emblem! We also have a dog/cat themed dining room with fake dogs and cats and cat/dog tea pots etc.

Home Visits in the Community

We currently visit two elderly ladies that live in their own flat with dementia and they so look forward to a chat, good old fashioned cup of tea and to see and hold the animals, it’s great to see them caring and looking after the animals it really helps with their emotional support.

The Elderly with Pets

We also help the elderly with their real pets and can offer Pet Care Services from pet sitting if they are ill or go into hospital, walking, feeding, vet visits etc.

We can also help pets find new homes if elderly really cannot keep them anymore or some people want a pet to keep them company so we can also assist with that. We do also have some super friendly guinea pigs and rabbits that love a stroke and a cuddle that can come along on visits.

We also provide long term care, short term care and day care for elderly. Long term clients can bring their pet to live with them. So it’s great services we offer.

If you would like more information about our residential care home then please contact us either by phone on 07515 738700 or email us at After all we are the CHEAPEST!